我需要一份英文简历 希望大家能帮我翻译一下 我非常着急 希望能翻译的专业一点 因为这是我要面试用的 谢谢

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1. 我需要一份英文简历 希望大家能帮我翻译一下 我非常着急 希望能翻译的专业一点 因为这是我要面试用的 谢谢

注:来自“iCIBA翻译”Nationality: Han birth date: March 14, 1990
Height: 165cm
Education: Beijing Huijia Vocational College    College of professional [ film and television] animation]
● work experience
2011-5/2012-01: Beijing Samsung Communication Research Institute
The nature of the company: South Korean Enterprises
Job title: mobile phone test
I am in Samsung Communications Research Institute of mobile phone testing engineer, mainly responsible for the following work:
1 of all mobile phone function test and development;
2 study seriously every menu function to maximize function;
3 careful study of customer needs and feelings do best.

2010-12/2011-01: China Disabled People magazine
The nature of the company: Business Unit
Job title: editorial assistant
I of the disabled in China magazine internship as the editorial assistant assistant, is responsible for the following work:
1 for the magazine daily administrative work;
2 completed, distribution information related to data collection and data collecting information, of finishing editing;
3 is responsible for some of the topics of the typesetting;
4 to assist the editor to cover photo selection;
5 responsible for proofreading, magazine subscriptions, file transfer, reconciliation bill, coordination fulfil wait for the job;
6 to assist the editor do manuscripts, in the work;

2010-7/2010-12: Beijing century Shuanglong advertising company
Company nature: private enterprise
Job title: Intern
I am in the century Shuanglong advertising company intern, is mainly responsible for the following work:
1 skilled use of PHOTOSHOP, OFFICE and other software
2 to do image design, packaging design, book design class
3 simple marketing planning and design

2011 - 2008-09/ 07: Beijing Huijia Vocational College [college]
Professional name: film and television animation
In university period, learn professional includes scene design movement plays based Maya story edition and lens design script writing Photoshop. 2012-03/ so far: the Journalism Department of Communication University of China (Top-up)
Individual comparison is good at english.
The National Public English level one or two
Oral English proficiency test for primary, intermediate
Good English grade have an exam one or two, grade three
And I was admitted to the English level Four

English: proficient in listening, speaking, reading, writing, and basic communication;
Computer level: be proficient in PHOTOSHOP, EXCEL, POWERPOINT, WORD, non-linear editing software;
Strong communication skills, teamwork spirit, can bear the tedious work and challenging work pressure.
I cheerful personality, warm and generous; work is careful, responsibility heart is strong; can bear hardships and stand hard work, has the good occupation quality; honesty, hard work, strong team spirit; overall arrangement of time, like challenging work, willing to work under pressure; with strong ability to accept new things, have pioneering spirit, and punctuality, never be late

我需要一份英文简历 希望大家能帮我翻译一下 我非常着急 希望能翻译的专业一点 因为这是我要面试用的 谢谢

2. 我要填英文简历,希望高手能帮忙翻译一下

I think I was a serious attitude responsible person, whether working or learning I will strive to be strict in one's demands, and I have the accounting need careful trait, in addition to the accounting and related industries have a strong interest in, so I believe I can successfully finish the accounting work. In addition to my learning ability and compression capacity is relatively strong, can well adapt to the fast rhythm of modern life. I usually like to read everyday economic daily news, I can quickly acquire the knowledge and information, so I have more than others a different way of thinking. In the spare time I still outside reading Japanese, I think that to master a language of the future development is also very helpful. In my personality more easy-going, able to get along with colleagues, with good team spirit.

3. 想要一份英文简历 希望帮忙翻译一下!

I'm a big two students, from Fujian city of Fuzhou province. I am honest, cheerful, patient, strong learning ability, easy to accept new things.
In the school, have served as the association of quality development center director. Now as the magic club president, mainly responsible for arranging and organizing the usual activities. Although I am small size, but the movement of cells still quite strong, usually also like and students together to play basketball, badminton.
I am a very serious about work, at the same time, also hope that as soon as possible into the decathlon in this big family, try your best to decathlon benefits and harvest.
My hobby is broad, from the beginning to learn magic, will hold a party in the community cultural festival this semester, ready to perform on stage. Nothing will be in the bedroom to practice guitar, often like organization friends to sing. Also from the beginning of last semester the sudden interest, began to like basketball, now the average 1-2 days, evening and students go out to play basketball. Not before the University also learned what electronic organ, roller skating, but only know a little fur.
2012 August - September Shanghai cool music Coffee shop attendant then into chef assistant
2013 August - September, Century Lianhua cashier
Once had a Taobao stores, sales calls, recharge card, can end in failure.
In the exhibition have the Spring Festival did red dates, longan and other dry cargo sales

想要一份英文简历 希望帮忙翻译一下!

4. 我想求一份英文简历,大致内容如下,多谢各位帮帮忙。

And since 2009, at a foreign company do data statistics work, responsible for the sales of statistics, salesman salesman, and the accounting prize every goods statistics accounting, analysis work; 
2, April 2007-2008 September, in a taiwan-funded enterprises doing administrative assistant and warehouse for raw materials and finished products, mainly Treasury management, including outbound, inventory, regular check goods to record the number of inventory, and timely report the reserves the departments concerned. 

Self assessment: 
Integrity, honesty, strong compression ability, good communication ability hardship respect-work spirit, team cooperation. 
I sincerely hope you can provide me with a talent platform, do you believe that the choice and my efforts will bring us win-win results!

5. 【我英文简历中的一些翻译】请尽快帮忙~~~

Art in the class as a member. Organizations in the class Christmas party and the girls section and so on.
Fellow in the school as a School Association XX. Organizations will send a senior fellow and welcome students and other activities.
As a hospital radio station. Create a "XX Music Channel V" precedent, a minor celebrity at school.
Art student officers of the Department. Organizations to participate in the program in the New Year party, dance party individual arrangement.
XX University School attended on behalf of the "three rural areas" activities, the city bus to a successful benefit performance XX.
 Court to coach more than 240 student organizations, as rehearsals gymnastics, sports in school made third.

XX Mobile customer service center by the training and examination, the students were hired as customer service representative, a semester internship with the exercise of my ability to communicate with different people, deeply felt: the service sector, the customer first truth.


6. 大家帮帮忙 帮我翻译成英文 简历要 速求

1.2009.10 2010.7-1 in Shanghai jade vocalist information technology Co., LTD, obtained the company leadership must work as a team leader and trust, a team of 12 people management! Responsible for the implementation of the company's plan, distribution, coordination task group members working, the quality control work

2. in this years in college, I not only learned a lot of professional knowledge, earnest study more learned independent, self-improvement, thinking and upward, and cultivate the ability to learn, I adaptability and tough volition. My only concern oneself interest, learning and development of industries, usually also like concerned state policies, finance, international some aspects of the information. And the business management and professional. I like to think, also like challenges. In college, I also worked.of during the study, let oneself earlier than others to contact the society self ability, contact the multiple industries, that I have good communication ability, and ability of organization, responsible. Although there are some working experience, but I believe in my knowledge and diligence can adapt to work as soon as possible.
I believe that "plat-making."

7. 求助个人简历英文翻译

Duty description
During working as a …in this company, Iam answering for these things ,like
Making purchasing plan,pachasing cost buget and controlling,market analysis,and daily consignment from storehouse.Sometimes I have to take different ways to send those goods according to their requirements,I will also handle with many compensation things.
I’ve learned a lot of communication skills from my work.Now I can completely deal with a accidente affair and I will accomplish my work mission excellently.
About me
I am optimistical , honest and realiable person.(形容词最好并列不超过3个,多了显得有点虚伪,个人感觉)
Outside of my job,I like,music and wathing TV.I also like reading,I think reading can enrich my knowledge.I’ll try my best to make me well qualified for the job.(意思大体和你的一样,没按照你的叙述一板一眼的翻译,你的话会让考官听起来感觉不自信)


8. 帮我用英语翻译一下我的简历吧


 Language, computer skills
 English: CET-4, with good listening, speaking, reading and writing;
 Computer: I can skillfully operate Word, Excel, Photoshop, PowerPoint, and other office software, able to operate independently and timely and efficient completion of daily office document editing.
 Other: National Upper Second Class Certificate in Putonghua.

 2008.03 scholarship by the school third;
 2009.03 scholarship by the school third
 2009.10 scholarship by the school third
 2010.10 scholarship by the school third
 Social Practice
 2010.10 - 2010.11 Ruihua Hospital Group, the Ministry of Personnel Administrative Assistant

 Modesty, self-confidence, practical work hard, with strong curiosity and ambition, a positive independent. Serious and responsible work, and quickly adapt to the environment into which, good colleagues.